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Chase EX prides ourselves on three main components that allow us to run a reputable business. Professional communication, organizational expertise, and our dedication to meet deadlines with quality.

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Subdivision at Homestead Farms in West Falmouth, 2020


Our experienced team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds. At Chase EX, we’ll provide step by step support in the planning, execution, and completion of your project.

Maine Coast Excavating
Willard Beach Storm Drain Outfall Replacement, 2020


Our organizational structure allows us to move forward on projects thoroughly and effectively by embodying systematic and methodical planning prior to the start of the contract.

Excavator on Maine Beach
Volvo ECR235 at Willard Beach, 2020


Meticulously combing through measurements, materials, and scope of work, the Chase EX crew is as dedicated to your project as they would be their own.

Creating a Partnership

When you choose to work with Chase EX, we bring along the leading subcontractors and suppliers in the industry for unique foundation work, flat work, tree clearing, trucking, paving, landscaping, and more. Because we’re able to bring along our expertise and essential network, our resources are allocated to meet your schedule with integrity and quality.

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Who We Are

Chase EX has been performing highly regarded work throughout the greater Portland area since 1983. We operate with a heavy tech focus leveraging GPS and robotic technologies in late model equipment. Utilizing the best technology offers us efficiencies, increased production and improved quality, all in the name of delivering a superior product for our customers.

Our communication and attention to detail set us apart from other competitors. We start by discussing customer expectations, creating a clear scope of work, and agreeing to a schedule. We bring transparency and responsiveness to all of our customers with the intent of forming long term relationships.

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